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Replacing an istor boiler
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My contact details - please read this first!

Firstly, please note I can no longer give free technical advice by phone. The call rate grew too high and I need to earn a living! If you want to discuss a boiler problem (as opposed to employ me to fix it) then please email me.  

Secondly, if you're planning to call me to ask if I cover your particular part of the UK, the answer is 'yes'. I'm happy to travel anywhere within driving distance of Reading in Berkshire, but I charge for my time spent travelling as well as time spent carrying out your repair. This means the cost can become rather high compared to getting a local firm in but it's up to you. Some people have had such poor service from their local engineers they would prefer to pay for my travelling time and get a better standard of repair. If that's the case with you then I'm happy to visit you wherever you are.

I've finished being bad-tempered now ;-) If you live within driving distance of Reading and don't mind paying for my travelling time then by all means ring me for more information, and to perhaps make an appointment.

And just to make certain you've read this and realise I won't be calling you back to give you technical advice on repairing it yourself (forum only for that!) please scroll down to the very bottom of this page for the real link, containing my real contact details on my main website, :-)

















Apologies for the trick. Click here for my contact details now!.